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Jaw Surgery Workshop: Patient Preparation for Orthognathic Surgery

Metagenomic next-generation sequencing in osteoarticular infections with a focus on pediatrics: current concepts and clinical applications

Nicole M. Kurnik, MD
Kathryn Preston
Patricia Beals, DMD
Stephen P. Beals, MD
Davinder J. Singh, MD
Thomas J. Sitzman, MD


Background: Patients undergoing orthognathic surgery may have limited information surrounding surgery. This leads to less satisfaction with surgical outcomes, anxiety surrounding surgery and difficulty following perioperative instructions.

Solution: Providing a multi-disciplinary pre-operative educational experience for patients and caregivers improves surgical readiness and satisfaction.

What is new: Our team provides a "Jaw Surgery Workshop" which includes lectures from providers, previous patients, cookbooks and supplies. This allows for improved confidence and expectations surrounding jaw surgery.

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